The Badcat Story

Welcome to my website. It is simply designed to share the creative journey and modifications installed over time on the The Jaguar XKR ‘Badcat Special’.

What you see today is the product of thirteen years of Research and Development. Success mixed with the odd disaster, but a passionate hobby, designed to improve the Power and Handling performance of this once stock 1998 4 litre XKR automatic.

The assistance and commitment of a number of very talented Independent Technicians, with skills ranging from race engine building, through fabrication and Jaguar Masters qualifications, has enabled me to realise the concept and extreme modifications I envisaged back in 2007.

In 2019, our work culminated in power increases of more than 50% of those that left the factory gate.

Power Stats: 632Hp and 805Nm Torque

The Goodwood Road Racing Club described the ‘Badcat’ at their Annual Vehicles Display as follows...
“The unique Jaguar seen here is possibly the most extensively modified road-going XKR”

Jaguar World in their 8 page feature said:
“I’m enthralled by the ‘Badcat’ not just because of its’ speed, but also because of the engineering behind it. With every aspect of the car having been changed or uprated. It reminds me of the Palmersport track ready XKR”.

For a time-line story of our developments to 2018, please click on the Jaguar World logo below to read their feature. You can find current activity on Facebook too.

Graham Wood

Click here to view the Badcat at the Goodwood circuit.


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